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Paging Mike from Beavercreek- locking glove box faq

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the 1976/79 BMWCCA (no space then) Tech Tips book. The factory part number for the glove box lock is 51 16 1 800 705. Steve Petersen should know if it's still available or NLA. Or if it's not, the tech tips book also suggests visiting your local hardware store and looking for a Corbin cabinet lock, part number K-15760. Corbin is still in business and amazingly this lock is still available. Check this site:


Once you see what it looks like, you should be able to find something similar at your local hardware store if you don't want to order it.

Installation is pretty easy. Open the glovebox and look up at the underside of the dash--you'll see a cutout in the metal. That's where the lock goes. The lock and keyhole will sit on the dash parcel shelf facing upwards. With the glovebox unlocked, the lever on the back of the lock will face towards the front of the car. I'll be more evident when you look at the lock pictured on the web site, and then look at the car.

One drawback to a locking glovebox--someone breaking into the car will do serious damage to the glovebox and the dash trying to get in. It's easier just to not leave anything valuable in the glovebox.

good luck and happy tinkering


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I purchased what I believe to be the last remaining NOS BMW glovebox lock and plastic bezel back in 2000. It's installed on my old car "Emily". FYI: Key is the same style / shape as the rounded "Huf" trunk lock keys.

Locking the glovebox is a bad...SUPER BAD idea for the reason Mike suggests. I hardly ever keep anything in my glovebox worth more than the $1300 dashboard they'll destroy, trying to overcome the lock! I installed it as part of the overall "Euro" and "Rare Bling" factor on my old car, but never *ever* used it.

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I was able to find a NOS lock and I'm about to install it, but have a few questions.  First, how to you remove the metal cutout in the glove box underside?  With a hammer and screwdriver?  Should I remove the glove box before knocking out the cut out?  If so, whats's the bets way to do this? I was thinking of unscrewing the 3 nuts on the back hinge and pulling the box out.  Finally, how does the tab lock the box to the dash. I don't see any mechanism that will secure the tab on the cam to the dash?


Thanks for your replies!  Sorry for all the questions, but I don't want to break anything.  

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