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Mid-Atlantic ISRCG day

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A busy 2002 day for the ISRCG!

0800 – Jim, Grice and Marshall arrive with a red car posse at the NCC BMWCCA Auto-X in Waldorf, MD. It was a cold, clear day. Perfect for making R-comp tires hard and brakes less effective. Can you say unlimited oversteer? We did! What a hoot..4 runs each. 59 cars ran in our morning session and there was another 59 more in the afternoon. We made quite the impression with Grice in the LEMONs car, Jim in his beautiful Tii, and my M2.



We ran in sequence…Jim, Grice, me. You can see Jim go by in these vids, then grice starts then I go. ( I suck at auto-x’s……)

here is my last run…got a little out of control with the throttle…with predictable effects!

1230 - after that fun, Jim and went back to my place for the ceremonial last drive under it’s own power for Weg’s old Tii. Then we started the engine removal process.

This was the drivers seat for the last drive…


Life bloods draining


Mostly disconnected after 45min, but then we remembered we needed to be at the ISRCG BBQ.


1430 - Off to Clay’s house…

Wonderful event with Grice, Mark, Clay, Jim, Dennis, Marc, Dudley, myself and recent ISRCG member Peter. Someone gave Peter good intel as he drove his squaretail to the event, grabbed garage space and opened his trunk to reveal it to be full on all new brake parts. He causally left it open for all to see.


He must have known we have no will power. Food, beer, garage, tools, an 02 in need and the ISRCG in one place…of course we attacked his car!

We are assuming the lug bolts were a bit tight since the gang lightweight had some trouble getting them free..


Of course any job requires a supervisor..


Peter learning all about brake bleeding..


He ended up with full brake maint on all four corners, ebrake adjust and brake fluid flush in between all the jokes and conversation.

1930 – depart for home. Great day of racing, dismantling, driving, wrenching, eating drinking and hanging with friends!

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Couple of pics from me. Many thanks to party hosts Clay and Dana! Freshly ground burgers, home-made salsa and pumpkin pie were all delicious.

7am waiting for Marshall. I borrowed his 15" tires/ wheels for the event. It made a big difference in the ride and handling.


Near the stadium in Waldorf, MD. The Mini in front of Marshall was also in the event. Nice guy from VA.





Peter and Dudley attacking the rear brakes on Peter's January '76 Chamonix from Seattle.


Dennis, Clay, Marshall and Marc



Mark Bryant and Grice in the driveway discussing Lemons Strategies for New Hampshire.


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Up at 5:30 AM. Ate breakfast, checked directions to the event, drove the truck to sl0ride's (Eric) house to pick up the Lemons car. Woke up Eric, tinkered with the fuel pressure regulator that's been plaguing us for a while, and had a sip of beer Eric's latest homebrew from his new kegerator. It's happy hour somewhere, just not here.

Borrowed a pair of gloves, and begged for a pair of earplugs, to no avail. Rolled the tii out of Eric's garage and fired it up. The straight pipe side exhaust is frikkin LOUD for 7:15 AM on a Saturday. Drove back roads to the autocross, keeping the revs as low as possible, and freezing my ass off. No windows, no heater, outside temp in the low 40's. Found myself praying for red lights so I could take my hands off the wheel and warm my fingers.

Arrived safely at the event. Went to tech inspection.

Tech inspector: "I have no idea how to tech this thing."

"It's been inspected a few times by Lemons. Safe as houses. Probably won't keep running anyway. I'll breathe with this oxygen tank if the car catches fire."

"That's a fire extinguisher."

"Ah, so it is. Even safer."

Guy puts the sticker on the windshield, bangs on the roof and waves me on.

Luckily, Marshall, Jim and I are in the second run group, so we get to run a flagging station while the first group does their thing, and we have the opportunity to learn the first third of the course by watching approximately 30 cars take 4 runs each. We comment about the many different cars on the course, the lines the drivers are taking, the best way to navigate the course, give general indications of approval and disapproval, grunts and groans. I mostly stare at the sky, think about how nice the weather is, how I have to use the bathroom, ponder about why Easter Islanders carved huge stone statues of long-headed dudes, and try to avoid getting run over. I really want to wave the red flag and jump around, but some other dude grabbed it before me. I'd grab the fire extinguisher and pretend to be a fireman, but it's cold out and I just don't have the energy for all that fireman talk: "Engine 42! Get a ladder truck out here on the pronto! And get two hoses on that third floor window! There's a child up there!!" I would have made an awesome fireman.

Anyway, the first run group finally finishes and it's our turn to go zooming around the parking lot. I try to turn on the camera in the car for my first run, but manage to turn it on and immediately off. This turns out to be a saving grace. Despite having spent over an hour watching about 120 runs through the first section of the course, I manage to skip an easy section of the off-camber skid pad right hander. I go way wide, maintaining lots of momentum, and casually drifting the car in a nice arc. It strikes me as rather odd that other cars were going so slowly through this section. Then I see that I'm at least 20 feet off course. Maybe nobody will notice.

The rest of my four runs were equally dismaying, but encouraging nonetheless. The car never caught on fire, nothing obvious broke, and there was enough time between the run groups to allow for a visit to the bathroom, so I didn't soil myself in the car. A pretty good morning, all things considered.




I idled the car back to Eric's, got in the truck, and hurried home so I could get to the bbq on time. My darling wife arrived home shortly after I did, and I hurried her out of the house. BBQ started at noon. Or 1 PM. Can't remember. We're gonna be late. Drove the 45 minutes to Clay and Dana's place. No 2002s in the driveway. Hmm. Knock on the door. No answer. Wife is giving me that look that says, "Despite our having been happily married for 7 years, you never cease to impress me with your inability to manage even the simplest of chores." We're about a half hour early for the party. Oh well, I can poke at Clay's 67 M42 swap which is in the garage. Clay and Dana will eventually show up.

Had a great time at the bbq. Watched lots of furious activity on Peter's car, which is kind of funny, as I had previously invited Peter to my place to do the brake work, only to be trumped by Clay's bbq invitation. The weather was great, Clay and Dana's place looks awesome, and the food was delicious.

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Grice, I like the care with which you adjusted the rear-view mirror before the run. Were you planning on addressing the course through the rear windshield?



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Guest Anonymous
Grice, I like the care with which you adjusted the rear-view mirror before the run. Were you planning on addressing the course through the rear windshield?


I was worried about being run down by Marshall.

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I'm glad that everyone enjoyed the BBQ. I'm thinking that we should make this an annual ISRGC event. Maybe I can con Grice into home-brewing some Oktoberfest beer for next year.

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