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Guest Anonymous


jim318 said:

Make sure you get pictures on any transaction.

It seems that would be a good idea while "buying anyone's used parts.

Or are you talking about pictures on any transaction while buying from Bolaman.

At least qualify your statement with a small example....

Simply, because I have purchased used un-pictured parts from BOLA specifically.The experience was wonderful.

In fact I had an emergency. I needed a hood ASAP not only did he deliver the hood to my home 70 miles from his home. He brought me two hoods to choose from.

One was in good shape and the other was in better shape. And he brought a radiator (because I mentioned it on the phone) and an exhaust..In fact I still owe him a weber 32/36..Which I traded for the exhaust..

What I really enjoyed about the transaction with BOLA was he is easy to deal with, and he aimed to please.

So, respectfully if you choose to lightweight front a person off specifically (by name) you should at a minimum give the viewing/buying audience a couple to a few examples.

Then a person can know why to proceed with caution when dealing with BOLA or anyone else. This board depends alot on people's personal experience(s). We/they ask all the time has "anyone dealt with this person".

And hopefully that person's name has not been sullied.


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Thanks for your testimony.

The guy, Jim Stanley, has a lot of nerve for smearing my integrity, considering he FAILED TO PAY THE SHORTAGE SHIPMENT HE PROMISED. He was sent photos prior to shipment. Very sad case of a guy.




Re: Fender's Shipping Detail / Tracking Number

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James Stanley


Bola Sarumi

Message flagged

Thursday, April 12, 2012 12:50 PM

Bola, Received fender, I am sending you the extra $12.00 you had to spend on shipping. Jim


Promised shortage was NEVER RECEIVED by me, and I do not have time for nonsense.


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Jim318, (AKA, James Stanley),

You can hide under the canopy of AMNESIA, but the e-mail from YOU (James Stanley, AKA, Jim 318 on the forum), extracted and pasted above speaks for itself. So true of the African adage, " THE MAN THAT CRAPS ON THE FLOOR TENDS TO FORGET, BUT THE MAN THAT RUBS HIS FOOT ON THE CRAP WILL NEVER FORGET" YOU are NOT being truthful about the transaction that transpired between us.

I keep records for a long time, and I have the FULL e-mail communication log between us on file. Releasing the FULL log will cause you MORE embarrassment. The forum ledger also showed that you posted and requested for the opposite side of the fender you ordered from me, within less than a week!

I had left and right available, but you chose the left. I was even reluctant to sell you just one, since I preferred to sell as a pair.

Apparently it was NOT all about the rust. You goofed! The fender is NOT as bad as you are depicting it to be, and you "pre-approved", prior to shipment. I DID NOT TRICK, OR LULLED YOU INTO PURCHASING THE FENDER. I have no reason to do that kind of stuff.

I thrive to satisfy my clients, but I refuse to be anybody's fool. I tried my best to give honest opinion about my products, as "what goes around, comes around". I purchased my first 2002 around 1979, and I have owned at least 14, and still own 3, including a 1965, 4 doors, 1800 model.

I have been a member of 2002FAQ since 2009, and YOU should NOT come on board in 2011 and create unnecessary uproar, and brouhaha!

So long!


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Guest John

Hey Bolaman, I want that starcraft trailer you are selling in orick! Your voice mail box is full. Emailed u my number  though! Please respond!

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