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Machining and Megasquirt stuff

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I hope you have better luck then I did with "millers mule" for example I placed an order for the following items 60-1 trigger wheel, hall sensor, hall sensor bracket. i payed $123 dolllars through paypal after 2 weeks i emailed him "whats up with my order"? replay- i'm working on it. after 4 weeks i asked for a refund. those guys suck. the best way to go is get the crank/trigger wheel and bracket from 02Again.com like you said and by the way you can get a bracket from 02Again for a hall sensor so you dont have to use a VR sensor and what i did was bought a 60-1 wheel from Ebay and had it machined to fit 02Again crankhub. let us know what you come up with!

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