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Howdy Y'all! I'm still alive.

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Guest Anonymous

I had a few minutes, thought I'd check in and say HOWDY!!!

I'm working full time restoring vintage Iron at a British shop (although we do have other marques like mid 1930s Pierce Arrow , 427 Cobra, and a 1928 Packard layin' around the joint).

Life is good. I spent today stretching fresh canvas over the dashboard of a 1953 MG TD, and Monday reassembling the rear suspension on a Lotus Elan +2. That's the way I spend my days now, but I'm sweatier and greasier than at Maximillian.

Do I miss doing sales?....well...maybe the Air Conditioning! My wife finally got her MINI about 12 days ago - and if there were any doubts...the thing is a R I O T to drive and even just to look at!

Hope you all are doin' well. With all this rain we've been having, my 02 has been staying in the garage more than I prefer..but it makes the weekend redlinin' romps that much more fun! I'll be in the DC chapter rally to Summit Point Aug 9th. Hope to see summa' ya'll there!


Paul Wegweiser

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Guest Anonymous

You sold me a weber 32/36 a few months back. Minus some minor jet changes being needed, the engine runs AWESOME! I rebuilt a 320i 1.8l that is just spending some time in my 2002 right now (painting up a rust free 320i i'm building for my mom, which the motor is destined).

It is amazing how peppy a dinkly little stock 1.8l can be, when it is not spewing smoke like a tired diesel! ;) ;).

Anyways, just wanted to say a big thanks!! Have fun bringing the old ones back to life! ;)

Grahame Nicholls

-73 '02

-'79 320i getting a new life

-working on bro's datsun 1200 (funny little car!)

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