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1980 320i in NoVA - $500

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I've gotten many faithful years out of what was originally my grandparents' 1980 BMW 320i - now showing roughly 140k miles on the odo. It's a lovely car: Spirited, sophisticated, sleek and modern (mostly for its time).

But unfortunately, the car is no longer drivable. I repeat: This car is not roadworthy. First and foremost, there is a significant amount of rust on both the lower body panels and the frame, which a local garage has recently observed and officially declared the car unsafe to drive. So there's that. Additionally, the fuel injection system no longer functions correctly, though there are working spark plugs and injectors - once started, the engine misses considerably. Next, the braking system is both frozen and in disrepair after two years of sitting idle.

You may be thinking to yourself: Why doesn't this poor guy just junk the heap? Well, aside from not being drivable due to some significant obstacles, much of the car is in decent and valuable shape, including but not limited to:

-4 basket-weave rims, DIY painted from gold to black, plus 4 tires with solid wear left

-Aftermarket BMW-blue racing seats with custom steel brackets to fit an E21 car

-5-speed manual transmission with limited slip diff.

-black/grey vinyl interior panels (I have the original tan as well)

-320is sport steering wheel

-working headlights and tail lights

I could go on, but suffice to say this would make a splendid donor car for anyone working an E21 project, 2002 conversion, etc.

My preference is for the buyer to schedule a towing pickup, with cash only, please. More pictures and info are available upon request. Having previously parted out a different donor car to keep this one running, I also have a number of various other parts for this vehicle, so if there's something you're looking for in particular, let me know - I may have it lying around.

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