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Turn signal troubleshooting

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Hey guys new 2002 owner here. I recently picked up a 72 malage/ saddle 2002 in good condition , almost no corrosion.

Anyways my turn signals do not work at all. The horn works and the fuse is good anyways.

The hazard button does nothing as well.

What do you guys think the next step in troubleshooting is. Simply replace the relay? Part# 61 31 1 364 984?

Or could there be a simplier/ cheaper fix?

Thanks in advance.

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Try a search.

Check your grounds first before you do anything. Check your bulbs. get out a voltmeter and check if you are getting voltage to the signals. Or to the relay. or does it die at the switch?

Wiring is simple. Look up a simple schematic for how a turn signal works and then get a voltmeter and teach yourself.

And search.

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switch, so first make sure:

1. the fuses are good: 5 & 6 for the turn signals and 8 for the 4 way flasher.

2. there's +12v in the red w/ white tracer wire at the 4 way flasher switch.

3, teh 4 way switch itself is OK

Once you"re sure that's all good, I'd borrow a known good flasher unit and plug it in. If it works, there's your answer.

Check archives on how to adapt an auto parts store flasher unit to work on your 2002--much cheaper than a replacement OEM flasher. But be advised that the OEM flasher units don't go bad very often, and you can remove the unit's cover and troubleshoot--there are two small relays inside that may be stuck--that can be repaired.



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