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Coil only sparks once

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Alright... lets take this one on.

75 2002 M10 Vacuum Adv. Distributor

New Cap, Rotor, Plugs, Wires, Coil.

Here is the problem. I turn the key and only get one spark from the coil, then the motor just cranks.

The car was running, (not perfectly, but definitely running before this) I sprayed Rost Off on the linkage inside the distributor to lubricate the vacuum advance mechanics, then this issue appears. I have double checked the internal connections of the distributor and all looks to be in order.

I was fed up with it last night, so I let it be. This morning, still crank no start.

I have swapped the coil with a known good coil, and no change. I have jumped the coil from the battery and still no change. Plug wires are all in the correct locations,


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