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gasoline spill!!!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

my gas can in my trunk tipped over somehow(not

that i was going fast around any turns or anything -

yeah right). it now reeks of gasoline. anything to

get rid of the smell? i need to toss the carpet and

rug i'm sure. thanks.


73 verona

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Guest Anonymous

Sorry to hear about the smells...I feel your pain.

Here's the only thing that has worked for me...at least until I work on the gas tank again, or the fuel pump leaks or whatever...

1) Clean everything out of the trunk.

2) Spray it down with water (if its like mine all the water will run out the bottom of the spare tire hole, otherwise you may need to get creative to get water out).

3) Use a brush to clean entire trunk area with a simple green/water mixture.

4) Spray down trunk with water...see above.

5) Leave trunk open as often as possible, even at autocrosses.

We had a great camping trip...I'll call you.


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