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I've been sitting on this set of Gotti's for a while now. It is time to get them refinished or sold. I figured I'd offer them up for sale "as is" as some may appreciate they are "nearly" untouched. At some point it appears the previous owner got tired of polishing the section around the bolts and decided it would be smart to paint that machined area and the bolts gold. One of my pics will actually show that paint starting to peel and the machined surface underneath. When other examples of these wheels come up for sale the seem to be "overpolished". For those of you old enough to remember the center sections had a machined look to them rather than a high polish. In any event I figure someone may prefer refinishing in their own paint scheme.

(4) 15x6 Gotti model "150"

estimated 36.51 et by my unscientific measurements.

6.875in(174.625mm) /2 = 87.3125 - 4.875(123.825) = -36.51

I believe you would need spacers for a 2002 fitment.

I've attempted to photograph the biggest areas for concern. There are minor scratches and 2 flat spots that are difficult to photograph but you will be able to see them in the full web album if I send it to you.

I will include 6 center caps. One has 1 of the 4 tabs broke off.

18.4lbs on the bathroom scale.

Price $900+shipping from 92084. I just shipped a set of wheels fully insured to Tulsa, OK for $100. I will be attending the SoCal Vintage on Oct 13th and can bring these along if there is a deal stuck ahead of time.

pm or email me for more photos.









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