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1972 2002tii race car part out want to sell before christmas

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Sorry for the day in responding to everyone, I was in a wreck 4 saturdays ago, someone ran a red light and slammed into the right side of my 91 bmw M5 totalling it, I been dealing with the car and insurance on her and pulling flying glass out of my face and resting.

I still trying to get all emails answered, everything must go please make reasonable offers on the parts, that I have, and plus shipping, some items I have set a price all is negitable within reason, need to bank as much as I can for a diffrent car since M5 is totalled. I am parting out the M5 as well,

1973 2002 gas tank

set of roundie taillights with back covers

pedal box needs tlc.

clutch and brake rubber pad covers

fuse box and cover will sell separately if like?

recaro vintage racing seats

side grills

complete front grill set.

complete glass set

various bmw hand held tools diffrent sizes

rear view mirror have 2 of them

have several "2002" emblems

2002tii and small roundel logo $50.00 plus shipping for the pair

new vinyl shift boot $25.00 plus shipping

weber 40dvaf carborator with haynes manuel $500 obo.

front and rear tii springs

hood in decent shape

fiber glass trunk lid

aftermarket carpet kit

turbo like gauages 2 sets one nice $150 plus shipping other is o.k, $50 plus shipping

window wiper motor with arm or without arm

tii steering box (last 3 numbers 171)


Pending sales waiting on payment when parts are disasembled or waiting on money from buyer

rear tail section sheet metal ( deposit put on item )

limited slip differental

front spoiler (deposit put on item )

modified racing motor about 165 to 175hp with 2inch tuned stahl header (paypal pending ) on motor and header

sold items,

brake booster

brake booster resovior

european turnsignals

center console


instrument cluster

rear boxed end subframe

owners manuel

license plate bracket

front struts

1 trunk lock with key


4 speed metric mechanic transmission

window washer bottle with pump

shift boot accordin style

2002tii brake calipers

fixed camber plates with berrings

Hella H4 european headlights

14inch steelie wheels

trunk lock

lockable gas cap

koni sway bars 22mm front 19 rear adjustable with bushings

If I am missing any parts you need or didnt see please email me

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Can't believe you tore it apart before at least trying to get it once around an autocross. You're in good with the safety folks, so they might have looked the other way ;-)

P.S. If it was owned by Wegweiser, and cleaned up that good, surely it's in equal if not better shape than our Lemons car. Put that thing on a track.

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Hi there, I still have the header, the racing engine is pending sale, and the person would like me to toss in the header with the motor sale if it sells within this week I will give it to him, if not I will sell it to you I would like to get $200 shipped. It is in good shape, I have pictures to send if the motor doesnt sell but I am honest and agree to the deal so I will see how it plays out, if NO sale then I will sell it to you


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the gas tank is carborated set up and still for sale for you, the transmission was sold several weeks ago to the happy new owner,


Shawn, Does the tank have any rust inside or exterior damage? Is the sender still intact and operational? How much total with shipping to 59912? Thanks Kristian.

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Hi there Kristian,

The gas tank is in good condition, I didnt see any rust holes or imperfections, I cleaned it and painted it to see if there was any problems, didnt see anything that would be an issue, I saw a small line impression nothing very noticable, I couldnt see any rust in the tank the gas smelled good no varnish hint, the car has sat under coverage storage about 5 years, started it every so often, got it go on trailer 6 months ago for dismantling, the sender was working at the time, so as I know of it was all still good, but remember it is an old part and may not be mint condition send me your email address, and I will email you the pictures I have. I put it in storage down the street so if more pictures are need I will have to get them


[email protected]

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Not a problem, I will ship it to you if you want it? doesnt matter where, I have shipped transmissions to TX. seats to New Zealand, so a gas tank to Montana NO problem, will ship, I will find out price tomorrow, send me your number in email to [email protected] and I will let you know cost and if paypal tomorrow if you buy it I can ship tomorrow,with delivery confirmation to you.


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