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Books: Haynes and Weber

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I have a few manuals that I won't be needing anymore. They are all helpful, but my car is so far from stock they won't do me any good.

1) Haynes Weber Guide. Retails for $20, asking $15 shipped.


2) HPBooks Weber Carburetors. Retails for $17, asking $12 shipped.


3) Haynes 1600 and 2002 manual. Retails for $18, asking $13 shipped.


Email me if your interested, Thanks.

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Disgression is the greater part of valor, so I wasn't going to say anything...but that really was a lousy way sell something. I ask for one book before anyone, he asks for all three after my request, and you just pre-empt my early order and sell him all three. If I was Esty, I would probably advertise this to the whole FAQ board. Disappointing effort noted.

Dave V. in NC

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While I respect your opinion, you were only willing to pay with a bank check or money order (no paypal). I believe your exact words were:

"I don't PeePal anymore. If so, I'll need "send check to" and "payable to" info from you. If not, I understand...Thanks"

I didn't state it in the ad, but I normally only accept paypal as payment for my forum sales because it's quicker for me, and less hassle. I admit that I didn't point this out to you in my original email, so I'm sorry for that. Next time I will clearly describe all of my motives.

But in end, even if the other party hadn't shown interest in all three books I would have kindly passed on your request due to the fact that you weren't willing to use paypal. Next time I will point that out in the ad itself, especially for something with such a small selling price.

That being said, next time I would appreciate an email explaining your displeasure, where I could have kindly returned an explanation in private. I have to be honest that I expected more from an senior forum member such as yourself.

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