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Tips/How to install springs/shocks?

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I am not going to go through the whole process but will say that if you get a basic spring compressor you can do it.

For the front struts/springs some manuals say to take the whole thing out but you can do it without unhooking the lower a arm and I have been able to do the below many times.

Unhook the caliper, brake lines from strut, and sway bar end links.

break the top strut nut free first, but keep the nut on.

Compress the spring.

Unbolt the three strut bolts on the top of fender.

wear gloves and work boots.

push down on the wheel disk/bearing housing with your foot while you are guiding the top of the strut out from under the fender.

Be careful not to whack the fender.

It can take a good shove down with your foot to get it low enough to get out.

Now you can take the strut top off, spring out, and do your new shock spring or what ever. shorter springs are easier to get out and in.

Reassembly is the reverse.

Be careful to keep the rubber pads on the spring cups/perches aligned and the ends of the springs aligned to their spots on the cups.

I ended up using a little silicone calking to glue the rubber pads in so they would stop moving on me.

Good luck.

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Just did it last night. A couple hours for the rears. Installed, H&R's with Billy's on the rear. Spring tensioners mandatory, set em in the right place or you will have to reset them too finish the side. I know

Also make sure your shock tower rubbers in rear are in the right direction, I know that too.

The fronts require a little more, plenty of smack maddam then change the bushings while its apart.

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If you don't have access to the spring clamps, get a hydraulic jack under the spring/arm assembly, jack it up some to compress it. loosen the nuts in question, then release the jack SLOWLY. The assembly should then be relaxed enough to safely pull the spring and other parts out.

That's how I did it with mine.


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