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1970 2002 in central California

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OK, here's the story. A friend of mine died from cancer 2 years ago. This car was basically his daily driver. His wife gave me first shot at buying the car, so I did. I had really big expectations that was going along as planned. The car was a great unit to start with for a modified restoration due to the condition of the drive train. I drove to car for a bit and then the project began. It started with a strip down to a running rolling chassis. Withh most of the body work complete, the painters got hauled back south of the border by immigration. It gets better. After that I decided to install an SCCA legal cage. At the very start of that, He went to AA for drinking to much. Man, I need to find better help. The bummer part is that both of these people are super talented and the car was going to be done very nice. In the mean time, to make a long story short, I'm in the process of needing more space and more time. Unfortunately, for the time being, it is on the market now, I'm really hoping I don't regret this.

Now the good stuff......

At one point in history this was some sort of race prepped car. Point being, the rolling chassis in it's current state handles prety well w/ parts unknown.

Strong motor with lo time. E12 head, brand new electronic ign and distributor. Quite a few receipts from the work done but not sure of cams and pistons used. It does pull pretty dang good though. I remember my buddy saying somewhere around 140hp (crank hp) Lynx manifold W/ sidedraft 44.

5 speed conversion

uninstalled, brand new 3.91 LSD diff

Tii struts w/ big brakes and calipers and all the stuff to build adjustable coilovers w/ bilsteins from Ireland eng. (unbuilt and uninstalled)

A box full of brand new emblems, all rubber in vehicle including window scrapers and window trims. Literally head to toe!!!!!

I have everything to completely re assemble the body. Great stainless grille and misc trim pieces that I rounded up. No pictures because that stuff is stored at my friends house. It could use a windshield though.

Feel free to call for more details

Craig 559-359-3527

with some love, money and time, this could be an awesome car.


car w/ new rubber and trim stuff $4000

differential $600.00

struts, brakes and coilover components $1000






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