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Hood release cable

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Does anbody know how to install the hood latch cable? I have the complete shop manuels, but this isn't addressed. I'm new to the 2002 world. Help!

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Take a look at a functional unit, search for 'hood AND rod" and you will see some pics of the cable and it's orientation. It can be very frustrating. You need to have 3 arms to accomplish this task

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I have done a couple and I am not the sharpest tool in the box and I do not really remember it beating me up that badly.

I guess I would suggest to find a way to get each of the cable secure so it will not ravel - tape maybe.

Run the cable through the passage in the kick pane and up through the hole in the fender.

Now to think. You need to really thing about which way the latch needs to move to secure the hood. That little ramp type hickie on the hood is what the hood bar goes on to bring tension on the hood to keep it closed tightly. Study that with great interest. It is almost counter intuitive.

Just a note - the regular 02s and the touring close in different directions, a function of the hood latch handle mechanisms.

Now once you have all that figured out, attach the cable to the latch mechanism and wrap the cable around the round wheel on the hood bar. Secure it with those 10 mm headed bolts.

Now, make sure the excess wraps around the wheel and does not flare out to scratch your paint. If you have good paint, tape that area with masking tape until you are convince everything is aligned correctly

There may be some adjustment on how much the cable pulls to get it to latch at the correct tension.

I will look for some photos but doing the above suggestion of a SITE SEARCH will turn up some good stuff.

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