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Engine Swap Questions!

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To anyone with experience,

I am at a crossroad of deciding to rebuild my current motor or put a 320i one in my '74 2002. I am leaning towards an entire conversion. I don't really know where to start with questions or what to even ask. I am not very experienced (obviously) and will be having someone make the swap for me. I just want to know what is going on.

Here are some general questions:

Are there any major mods that need to be to the car before a 320i is put into the 2002? Will it just slide right in where the 2002 motor was?

What other parts do I need to buy when the transmission is upgraded to a 5 speed?

I am really looking for stories, mishaps and successes, and general guide lines for the entire process. Any post or e-mail would be greatly appreciated.


[email protected]

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Go to the project blogs section and read. All your questions can be answered there.

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I did not do an engine swap but I did buy a '74 02 automatic with an engine from a '77 320i in it this last year. It would seem to me that a swap would be less than a rebuild.

The 2.0 liter 320i engine is basically the same M10 engine with the later E21 head and a Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system. When my engine was swapped, the fuel injection system was scraped for the Weber 32/36 carb and intake manifold off the old engine. Also there is no provision on the engine for a mechanical fuel pump so a electric pump will have to be installed.

As for the 5 speed swap, I will be doing that this winter. The best trans to get is the Getrag 245 from an '80 to early '83 320i that has the mechanical speedometer drive. Since the 5sp has a longer case, you will have to shorten your drive shaft as well as shorten the shift platform and related linkage. You can buy the whole kit from a few different vendors or source out your own parts as I am doing. Aardvarc Racing has all the parts with a transmission for $1195 or less the transmission for $795. Since mine is an automatic, I will also need a pedal box assembly (which I am trying to find right now) and clutch hydraulic system.

Peter Schoppelry

'74 2002A

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The pan and oil pump will probably need to be changed to

2002 style. Some have hit it with a hammer and made it work. I couldn't.

The water pump, too.

If it's a 318, use the EFI for emissions, reliability (heh) and economy...

Rebuilding an M10 is an expensive proposition.


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