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Information required for BMW 1600 -2

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I have a BMW 1600 - 2 vin no. 1531760. I am looking for more information regarding these cars. I saw on on the BMW 02 club website that there were 10,278 produced between 1964 and 1966, is this correct? Also can anyone explain the difference between the "Z" ratings on that website for the values quoted? The vehicle body is in excellent condition and I may be looking to sell it. Vehicle has been standing in the garage since 1970. Vehicle has a complete brand new spoiler kit from BMW, it is the original 1965 set, which was never fitted.




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the car is ALWAYS in excellent condition from the seller-

but in needy condition to the buyers.

From the one photo I can see yours is needy.

Lets just cut to the chase and see what you condsider

a fair $$$amount for your car to leave your driveway?

and take it from there.

The seller sets the asking price - unless your up for an AUCTION ?

we of course would need many more close up photos of

engine bay, interior, trunk, interior, and detailed history

of components, engine number................. to comment

with any accuracy.

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You've confused the production stats with the earlier BMW 1600 Neu Klasse which was a completeley different car with a four door body. The model you have is the BMW 1600 two door or the BMW 1600-2, later renamed to the BMW 1602 due to all the confusion. From the VIN, I'd guess it's a 1967-68.

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Your BMW 1600 VIN 1531760 was manufactured on July 12th, 1967 and delivered on July 14th, 1967 to the importer BMW France in Paris. The original colour was Chamonix, paint code 085.

Will you have any problems with the car being LHD, since you're in South Africa?

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