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364 whp turbo M10 for sale

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I have up for sale a 364 whp 1984 318i turbo m10.

The car ran the 1/8 mile in 7.62 seconds at 96.7 mph.

Ran the 1/4 once at 12.30 seconds at 112 mph, (660ft 7.94 sec)

Bimmerforums build thread:


E30tech build thread:


Engine mods include:

ARP head studs

Dual valve springs

Titanium valve spring retainers

Rocker locks

A little port blending on the intake and exhaust ports

New rod and main bearings

24 lb/hr injectors

E85 conversion

Walbro 255 inline "booster" pump

Electric radiator fan.

Turbo & methanol system:

HX 35 Holset

Two stage direct port methanol system

5-gallon fuel cell in the trunk (Methanol)

methanol pump and fuel pressure regulator.

High flow solenoid valves

Adjustable sized jets to feed individual nozzles

Adjustable pressure switches to activate.

Innovate wide band O2 with gauge

30 psi electric boost gauge


Radiator moved 5 inches to provide a straight shot of fresh air for the turbo.

2 - 1/2 exhaust system


4.10:1 LSD

Short shifter

Center Force dual friction pressure plate

IE 6 puck ceramic metallic clutch


H&R 25 mm front sway bar adjustable

H&R 18 mm rear sway bar adjustable

Eibach springs front and rear

Drilled and slotted front disc

Stainless steel braided break lines

The good:

Up until I purchased my M3 recently, this was my daily driver. I bought this car back in 2008 and totally enjoyed the go cart feel and the excellent gas mileage. Then in 2010, I started the turbo project and am quite happy with the results of this sleeper. Some people may not like the flat gold paint on her, but under the lights at night I think she is just beautiful. The body is fairly straight. The car has manual windows and sun roof. This car is light weight and I have removed a lot of the insulation to get her even lighter.

The head was just rebuilt with new valve stem seals. The oil pan had a leak, so I pulled it off and went ahead and replaced the rod and main bearings. The original rod bearings while worn, were still in the recommended clearance tolerance. The mains were slightly out of spec by 0.0002 inches. This is quite amazing for an engine with over 200k miles and two years of boost action.

I was getting around 30 mpg prior to the turbo. Running e85, she can pull down 24 mpg.

With the methanol system, I have run 20 psi boost on pump gas. The original injectors will come with the car if you choose to go pump gas instead of e85.

For anyone wanting to jump into the FI scene and is a DIY type of guy/gal, I think this turbo setup is ideal. It's simple and easy to adjust for different boost settings.

Just to be clear on the fuel system of this car, the car runs though the OEM fuel and ecu systems off boost. So if e85 is difficult to obtain, I can put her back on pump gas. The methanol system is only activated under boost conditions and is turned on by adjustable pressure sensors in the manifold.

The bad:

No power steering, (not that this light weight needs it).

No A/C

Some surface rust on the drivers lower front fender. The passenger floor pan has a rust spot as well.

No rear seat.

The water temp gauge does not work.

The gas gauge reads 1/4 tank less then there really is.

the brake light on the dash, comes on every now and then, don't know why, but the brakes are not effected.

The tires should be replaced in the near future.

The current clutch will not hold 4th gear at 29 lbs of boost.

Along with the purchase of the car will come some boxes of stuff as well as four 195/60 R14 Falken Azenis racing tires, two are mounted on bottle caps. I will try and inventory the stuff and post it later.

Asking $4100 or best offer. May consider a trade as long as there is some cash on your end. Thanks for looking.

Contact: [email protected] . com







And some videos of the car in action against a 911.

Running down an e92

And a drag race,

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