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Radiator Recommendations

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So I towed the 73 to an import specialist yesterday to check out my transmission leak, and overheating issue.

Transmission basically needs the whole back end worth of seals replaced. Gonna be about $500 P&L...oh well worth it.

They said the middle of my radiator is clogged. Temp at the top was 130. Center was 180. Radiator is most likely the original (along with everything else in this little time capsule) so I am just thinking flat out replacement with aluminum that is model/year specific.

Anyone here recommend a specific brand or vendor I should look at? All the hoses are brand new last month, so just want the radiator itself, and hopefully something I can do myself.


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1. You can have your present radiator cleaned out/rodded by a competent radiator shop, who should be able to make it (nearly) as good as new unless the core and its fins are all deteriorated.


2. Get a 3 row core radiator from the Silicon Garage--identical appearing to stock (uses stock top and bottom tanks) but has three rows of tubes in the core vs stock two--highly useful if you have A/C or live in a hot climate or climb mountains. Bolts in place

3. Use a radiator from an E21 or an aluminum radiator from Ireland. The former requires some mods to make it fit; the latter is a bolt in (I think) but being aluminum doesn't look stock.

I've had a 3 row core radiator in my '73 since 1987 and it works really well--A/C and all.



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+1 on a 3-row core from the Silicon Garage.

That's what I've got, works great. I bought just the core and had my local radiator guy assemble with the original tanks and frame .... so re-installation is simple, everything fit perfectly.



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Thanks for the info everyone....gives me a bit of homework to do. The new or refurbed radiator will need to stand up to some track use, so that is a factor as well.

sislane my car came from New Hampshire originally...I purchased it in Vermont this summer.

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As said before... can't really go wrong with an IE aluminum, Silicone Garage 3-core, or simply an E21 with the hose mod. Jaymic's etc. plenty of good options out there.

Aluminum IE



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