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Advise needed for next step.

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I am slowly getting through my resto, getting to the point I have been putting off.

As you can see in the pic not much left of the bottom corner left, dont even know what it is suppose to look like,

I have outer rocker panel and the repair panel before the arch, my main concern is what it is suppose to look like around that subframe mounting.

Are there repair panel for that area. is there a inner panel for where the jacking point is.

Any pics or info will be most welcome.




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My advise -> Look through project blogs. For example my blog pictures show that area quite well.


I would say that your car is almost beyond repair. I wonder how bad it is elsewhere. Of course fixing is possible but amount of work is huge if it's done properly.


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Around here, we'd shoot that, and find another.

But in reading UK magazines, I get the sense that you'd just find another

with equally bad rust problems.

Unless you're good with metal work, I'd go find someone who does this

for a living, or at least an involved hobby.

There are numerous panels that make up that suspension point,

they tie various parts of the shell together AND getting that point

back to where it should be is critical for alignment and strength.

In other words, it's a big job, of the sort that someone 7000 miles

away isn't going to be able to help much with over the internet...

I learned by finding a group of like- minded nutters and pestering them

until they (mostly out of sympathy, but I'm sure there was some irritation)

showed me what I was doing wrong, and how to do it 'right'.


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I did take the car as a resto project with no real time limit, more a hobby,

I did wonder at the time,why the guy I bought it from teachers body repairs at college was selling( he must of realised how much work was involed. and the price of the front panel on a pre 73.....................Dohh

You are right about rusty UK cars, great british weather ehh.

I am still learning, have done quite bit of work to the car up front, replaced A pillar support panel, have done various repairs to the inner/ outer rockers (sills), Have replaced front floor pan,and other patch panel repairs, I have butt welded all the repairs where I could, with Ok results.

I did see how bad this area was thats why I started at the other end, have to bite the bullet now.

I am prepared to take on the challange, just wanted some insite about which panels to get and what it should look like

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Well in that case you just go for it! It takes what it takes.

Surf through various project blogs and sites. You'll find enough pictures to recreate the structures. All panels are not available as replacement so you just have to make them. It's not that hard as they are not visible when finished.

I remember seeing many good sites but I've lost the bookmarks when computers get replaced.


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