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Got some questions about brakes hydrolics....

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Hey Ya'll.

I have actually been wanting to ask these questions for sometime now, but keep fogeting. Heres the delima:

1.) When I take sharp left turns, I get a puff of thick white smoke out the tailpipe, last for a couple of seconds.

2.) My brake pedal is hard as a mofo. Have to damn near stand to stop the car.

3.) My master brake cylinder looks like crap: rust, rust, and more rust, and those seals on the top are TOAST!!

OK, so now u know whats going on, lets see what needs to be fixed?

A.) Master cylinder needs to be replaced?

B.) Check valve is a gonner? (its pointing in the right direction BTW.)

C.) Brake Booster is leaking?

D.) All of the above?

E.) None of the above? (Please explain why.)

F.) This is how 2002's are, so deal with it? (LOL)



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Guest Anonymous

I would replace the booster, and then the check valve(used, it should come with the booster). Extra stiff pedal sounds like the booster. With the fluid in the booster, sounds like the master cyl leaked at some point. Rebuild time.

Of course you could always go on a skid pad to the left and just burn off that fluid.

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Guest Anonymous

As Steve J said, you’re probably sucking brake fluid into the intake manifold on left turns – the master cylinder can leak past the push rod into the booster, then when you make a sharp or fast left, the fluid slops up the side and is picked up by the vacuum line which passes fluid into the engine (mainly # 4 cylinder) where it burns and makes lots of white smoke (my booster had so much fluid in it that I almost hydraulic locked # 4 on a fast, tight left hander last year – when I pulled the m/c, it was full right up to the opening).

The hard pedal is probably because the brake fluid has deteriorated the diaphragm inside the booster, so it’s not holding vacuum (no vacuum, no boost, hard pedal).

The m/c’s deterioration suggests that it’s old, and, along with the other symptoms, indicates that it’s probably toast.

Bottom line? You’re probably looking at a new m/c and a replacement booster to get the brake system back on line.

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