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Sold My 1972 2002tii on Craigslist

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Price: $100
Location: LA, CA


Hello FAQ. I just put my 02 on craigslist in Los Angeles and I wanted to share it here as well. PLEASE NOTE: I love these cars, especially this one, but I don’t pretend to be an expert. I’m trying to represent this car has honestly as possible to prospective buyers. If you guys or ladies spot any mistakes or issues, please let me know and I’ll correct it. Thanks in advance for the help.

From my listing:

Up for sale is my 72 BMW 2002 tii (VIN 2761616). The odometer shows 83,025 miles. I love owning and driving this car and have put about 2000 miles on her in the last year. However, I’m relocating to a colder and saltier climate, and as much as I’d love to take this rust-free California car with me, I can’t do that to her. So my loss is your gain.

This 02 was originally Sahara in color, but was repainted in beautiful Baikal blue by a previous owner. It’s not a concours quality paint job, but looks fantastic with the tan/tobacco interior. The front seats have been recently restuffed. Like the paint, they’re not perfect – they’ve got some minor tears, but are comfortable and look good.

I get honks, thumbs up and comments everywhere I drive this car. But what puts a smile on my face every time is actually driving it. She starts right up every time and has never left me stranded. She pulls well and handles fantastically. She’s sitting on Bilsteins and red springs with 14 inch basketweave BBS-style wheels with BMW center caps. The stance is nice and she’s a blast in the twisties.

The car has upgraded front brakes from a 320i, along with braided steel brake lines. When I got the car, I had the radiator rodded out and flushed. She never overheats, even in LA traffic.

The headlights have been upgraded to modern Hella H4 halogen bulbs and are very bright. The ignition has been upgraded to modern MSD ignition.

After noticing a little white vapor in the exhaust a couple months ago, I had the cylinder head rebuilt by Jack Fahuna at JF Pro Bimmer. This included resurfacing the head, new valve guides, valve seats, new head gasket, new intake boot, and more. You can see pictures of the rebuilt cylinder head in my photos below.

Some misguided youths decided to steal the CD player out of the car a few months ago. I had to replace the center console with a new one, but never bothered replacing the CD player. So now the car has speakers in the door panels, but no stereo. But don’t worry, the engine sounds good.

Other new things include a new antenna (for the no-longer-there stereo), new door seals, new intake boot, new horn button, a new hazard switch and a new turn signal switch. All signal lights and gauges work, as do the wipers and horn. This car does not have a sunroof.

The tii clock is there, but doesn’t work. The car has a snorkel nose, and the dash has cracks in the usual places. As you’ll see in the pictures, the VINs match on the fender and the badges in the engine bay and steering column.

Included in the sale is a box of miscellaneous spare parts including the front and rear bumper over riders, a throttle body, and a shop manual.

All in all, she’s a good looker and a great driver. I hope to find her a good new home. Thanks for looking.

For plenty of pictures, click below:

You can see the listing on craigslist here:



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Guest Anonymous

Are you still interested in selling? I'm interested but missed your listing.

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Thanks for the interest. Im not looking to sell the car right now. The car is currently in transit between LA and Chicago. I'm going to get settled in Chicago and see how my garage situation works out. If I decide to sell it, I'll list it here on the FAQ again.

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Guest Anonymous

Very well. Enjoy her.

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