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Rear Seat options from other cars..

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Ok, I am working on putting a back seat in so I can get this unit to the upholstery shop

What are some options and are there any good pics floating about?

I've seen the E24 seats installed.

Has anyone used E36 seats? Heavy modification? I saw that rota posted a build using these but there doesn't seem to be insight on the install

I am looking for a clean flat look more for filler than for use.

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I've got an E30 convertible rear seat, looks exactly like the E30 M3 rear seat but with a little less width on either side........so it needs some foam filling to get to fit nice. BUT, if you are doing a re-upholstery job, just shape some foam to fill and you are golden. BTW, I have the said rear seat for sale $75 + shipping



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I've got an E36 rear seat without the fold down or ski boot features, and to make it fit is gonna require serious modifications. Not just stuffing... Both parts of the e36 seat are a molded piece of foam rubber material, with a steel frame armature thingie molded inside, I tried just shaving the foam away and temporarily stopped when I hit the metal parts. I think I'll need bolt cutters to get rid of some on both sides. It looks do-able with work. Forget the fold down style, no point in it unless you cut the rear bulkhead out (insert sternly worded safety of structure warning and disclaimer here).

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very nice job with the seats and parcel shelf...have a template for that? I have the same seats I'm putting in mine and yours looks great.

Ditto on that. I have yet to see such a clean install. That re-news my faith in the E24 set up

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Thanks, took a couple of days but got it done.

I sanded down the edge of the center part of the new fiberboard parcel shelf to match the cut and notch I made on the center console fiberglass and it worked out very nicely.

Unfortunately I did not make a template, I cut big and started sanding down till the countour of the seats was finished. Then I covered the parcel shelf in vinyl and painted the top leather on the console to match.

I also used foam pieces covered in vinyl to fill out the sides and bottom spaces on the sides of the seats by the wall panels, as there is a large gap lef there by the seats.



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