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Handbrake upgrade kits

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This kit worked perfectly for me.  Handle is now tight and stable.  The washers and roller bearings might be a little difficult to fit into both sides of the handle and to keep in place while pushing the large bolt through the handle maze of kit parts.  Be patient and careful.  Such actions will be well rewarded.  You likely will be pleasantly amazed at the result.


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2 minutes ago, williamggruff said:

Thank you, Jim! And thank you to the folks inquiring about kits. I’m in western Canada, just wrapping up a few days of sea kayaking. I’ll be home on the 14th, and can ship kits then. 


$27 via PayPal friends/personal, or $29 via PayPal goods and services. grice.mulligan@gmail.com

Hi! I live in Vancouver. Are you anywhere near there, being Western Canada? Thanks 👍

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After about ten years of selling these kits, I’m wrapping up shop as I’m too busy with other commitments, and need to spend more time with my family. I’d like to thank all my loyal supporters and campaign contributors for their selfless devotion to the cause, and I want to ensure you all that I’ll be with you in spirit during the upcoming elections. Hurray for the flag, down with tyranny, up with people.


For those of you who want one of these kits, our main man Stephen Petersen, AKA Blunt here in the forum, is now selling the handbrake kit on the Blunttech site here: https://www.blunttech.com/products/14057384


Happy handbraking!



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