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Anyone else selling their 2002 run into this....kinda strang

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I guess my ad for my '74 came out in Roundel, and

I have had several people from overseas (South

Africa, Scotland, etc) e-mail me in very broken

English that they wanted to buy my car. What is

leaving me baffled is that none of them have even

seen a picture of the car. They just want to know

where to send the cashiers check.

These things aren't that rare, and I can't believe

they can't find a 2002 closer to where they live.

One person even had the story that his friend in

the states owed him money so he was going to be

sending me a check for $7500 (the car is listed at

$4900) and to send the remainder along with the

car...I guess.

weird stuff

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Guest Anonymous

but it usually involves more expensive cars. South

Africa, Scotland they are hard to understand but

their written English should have no accent!

The scam is that the check bounces after the car is



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Guest Anonymous

They send you a counterfeit cashier's check for double or more the purchase price of the car, asking you to deposit the check in your account and wire them the difference between the check and agreed price (ie--$3k if purchase is $4500 and check is $7500), and they'll come get the car. The money leaves your account before the bank figures out the cashier's check is fake and you have zero recourse to get your money back or to fight the bank if you're now overdrawn.

Check out snopes.com...I think there's something about it there. This one is fairly well-known...

Be careful out there!


'76 2002

'03 Golf

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Guest Anonymous


By no means follow through with this. I'm a Detective with a large department in NC and have scene this before. They will seen you a cashiers check (which will be fraudulent). Your bank may not catch it right away (takes about 10 days for these things to clear). By then most people think things are ok and have already sent the remaining money back. The bank contacts them saying they are now Responsible for the money and have to pay it back.

I just had a guy fall into this scam, dealing with music equip. He's out a $700 amp. and the amount of the check. Which was $4500 in this case. The bank is making him pay it back. Take my word for it. STAY AWAY!

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Guest Anonymous

This has happened to other 02 and BMW owners...

Contact your Attorney Generals office in your state. There is quite a bit of this going in California I've heard...


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