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IT'S HERE!!!! My 02 is finally home!! :)

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URL: http://www.lovingeveryminuteofit.com

It took a little longer than expected because the place I had the car carrier reserved said I didn't have the right hitch. So an hour later I finally went to Penske and got a tow dolly. Drove the 45 minutes to my parents house and started.

First we had to back the car down the drive-way, normally this would be easy if the car had breaks and the drive-way wasn't a sloped. Once down there we jacked it up so I could unbolt the drive shaft from the diff. Too bad I didn't have a 17mm wrench, so off to NAPA. While at NAPA it started to pour. So back at the car in the pouring rain I unbolted the drive shaft.

By the way, when you have the rear up and you turn one wheel and the other wheel turns the oppisite way, what does that mean?

So I got the car on the dolly, towed it a little ways and checked it. Looked good so I went further, got to 435 and Metcalf and checked it again, still good. And then into rush hour traffic.....which wasn't all that bad. I figured 435 around the southeast side would be quickest up to Liberty and the least traffic. By 5:40 I was home and so was the 02. I'm actually thinking about doing so things on it tonight maybe.

See you KC guys Saturday!

Lars :)

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