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It's not a BMW, but it's Stella's Bunk Mate from England...

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Guest Anonymous

If you are an Austin Healey fan, it doesn't get much better than this.


This is "Milli" named for her 3 appearances and a 13th overall finish in the 1955 Mille Miglia. She is an honest to goodness 1955 100S (S=Sebring) race car, 1 of 5 ever made. She has 4 wheel disk brakes - she was the first made, and the original prototype for the 1955 100S cars, of which only 55 were made.


She was in 3 Mille Miglias, 2 Sebrings and made one Le Mans appearance - she qualified but was t-boned in an evening freak car accident the night before the race.


She is forever a part of Healey history, and appears even this month of the Healey club magazine as part of the Le Mans story from 50 years ago when she was first out in public.


Her owner was gracious enough to take me and my family for a ride today on one of her rare public appearances. It is in unrestored original condition. The car is total gas to ride in. We took did about 80 miles in it today and it never missed a beat.


I don't have all the particulars on it, but I know it has a 3 Liter 4 cylinder engine, 140 horsepower and weighs in just under 1,500 lbs. It was designed to be driven at 130+ miles per hour under race conditions. You don't see a gas cap like that on the back of many Healeys these days, eh?

Just sharing my Saturday with you... It was great to ride in a piece of history.


'74tii - Stella


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Guest Anonymous

I had a 55 100/4. It had a 2.6 liter 4 cylindar, also had a '59 3000. Both cars were fun to drive, handled as if on rails (or you could say, cornered like a frieght train).

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