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OT: Oh dear God... (angry opinionated rant)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Stumbling around the web trying to find the Le Mans TV schedule for this weekend because the Speed Channel (I still hate that name) website is down, I found this horrid text at http://www.motorsportstv.com/speedvision.htm :

"Network executives have discussed a future home closer to NASCAR race-team shops in Mooresville. For now, VP of Programming Rick Miner and Liberatore want to develop more original programming. Among their ideas: a reality-based NASCAR show pitting competitors from the sanctioning body's lower-level regional series. Another possibility: a NASCAR wives program."

Now, this may be old news to some, and certainly nothing surprising given the whole "Nascar TV" debacle, but holy crap - do you think they could come up with any more ways to ruin what Speedvision started? I honestly hope that someone with half a brain gets to Libertore and gouges his eyeballs out with a Whitworth spanner. And maybe find a few of the other knuckle-dragging nitwits and yes-men that are behind this abomination and take them out back for ritual lobotomies done with rusty grapefruit spoons. Believe me, I'm the biggest capitalist out there, and I understand the lure of wheelbarrows full of money from advertisers trying to reach hordes of 400-pound mouth-breathing Nascar fans with the latest and greatest Marquis de Sade exercise contraption, but good Lord, this is too fucking much. What's next, Survivor: Nascar, wherein fans have to cross the track while the race is running to perform various difficult and repulsive tasks in the infield (simple math and eating with utensils might be good for starters), then make their way back to their seat in the grandstands to consume another $7.50 Bud Light? Hey, at least some of them would end up as mutilated hood ornaments. Its a start...

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Guest Anonymous

that was a pretty funny rant.

no one feared the nascar-izing of speedvision more than me. however, the reality isn't nearly as bad what we all feared. we can still watch

world superbike

moto gp

125 and 250 gp racing


world rally

australian touring car

speed gt and world challenge

le mans

ama superbike

and a few others i know i'm forgetting

thats pretty good in my book. they have way too much neckcar programming, but until they start eating into the programs that are close to my heart, i won't complain too loudly. i really don't miss ship shape tv or the airplane shows.

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Guest Anonymous

...I think many of us know these too well. My fear is this: that the economic slump will deepen as beer costs increase, and the half-wit patron of said higher-priced beer will make only SIX trips to Wal-Mart (not seven) in a given week. Just think of the collective financial burden this scenario might place upon our shoulders.

Sorry Andrej, not intentionally making light of your commentary. But a possible consequence nonetheless.

One day I will cancel my subscription to cable TV. Really, it will happen. Maybe sooner than later.



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Guest Anonymous

I think they have something NASCAR related every night

of the week. I get a little tired of watching these

guys talk about last weeks race like anyone cares. Thats when it time to turn to the Man Show. whoohoo


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