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June 22 So Cal drive has moved

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://users.adelphia.net/~pchamaa/june_22_2003.htm

Dear 02 fans,

We moved the start time a little later (6:30) to accommodate some enthusiasts from the bay area, and the meeting point has been moved to the same place as the swap meet.

It makes it much easier if you want to come and unload stuff before the drive.

Go to http://users.adelphia.net/~pchamaa/june_22_2003.htm

for all the details.

A little more than a week to go.

See you then,



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Guest Anonymous


I really want to attend your drive/meet, but I have an all-day thing to do on Saturday, and I am gonna be driving all night to get down there( mapquest says 6 hours, i say 5 maybe). Then, I have to be in mental shape so i dont "screw the pooch" negotiating a corner with all you hot-shoes... geeze: this sounds like a mini version of the one lap... except i dont have a co-driver! I wonder if anyone has brewed coffee in a 12 volt coffee maker in the footwell of a 2002 while driving at speed... and they say cell phones are distracting.... i am going to have to think about this one... when are the Bay Area cars leaving??

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