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WOT: Can you trace back to someone via their server host?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

One of the auto dismantlers that I help out with website stuff got a bunch of parts stolen the last two weeks. We think they may have found the yard by searching the internet, based on the keywords that show up on my stats page. We had specific searches for the the items that were stolen! All I have for visitor info is server addresses (e.g. adsl-67-117-26-125.dsl.chic01.pacbell.net). Can I learn anything from this data? I also have the times they visited, so I can rule out quite a few addresses (some are after the date stuff was stolen).

I would LOVE to catch these assholes.


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Guest Anonymous

i'm a but rusty on reading ip numbers, but looks like a dsl ip number (obviously from pac bell)...

they SHOULD/might be able to tell you who had that ip number during that time (if they use dhcp and get a new ip number every time) which in this case would make it tougher...

if it's more of a static IP number, then it'd be easier to catch them (becuase it's almost like their home address) that's assigned to them...

but If they give you that information is a completly different ball of wax...

good luck man...


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Guest Anonymous

Its in Chico, CA almost obviously, for the one you provided anyway. I dont know of how to get the actual place of where the IP is being used, that would be a ISP thing but i did a simple WHO IS on it and this is the dump, might give you some info, some other of it is garbage but maybe some contacts?

SBC Internet Services, Inc. (PACBELL2-DOM)

PO Box 940972

Plano, TX 75075


Domain Name: PACBELL.NET

Administrative Contact:

Pacific Bell Internet (PDA-ORG) dns-admin@sbis.sbc.com

Pacific Bell Internet

303 Second Street, Suite 830

San Francisco, CA 94107


800-463-8724 fax: - - 415-442-4999

Technical Contact:

Pacific Bell Internet NetCenter (PB401-ORG) trouble@PBI.NET

303 2ND ST STE 830

SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94107-1327


1-800-4NETPBI (463-8724) fax: - (415) 442-4999

Record expires on 06-Apr-2010.

Record created on 10-Oct-2002.

Database last updated on 12-Jun-2003 16:55:28 EDT.

Domain servers in listed order:




Location = Chico, CA, USA

lat/lon = 39.45n, 121.50w (weird cause that Lat/Lon is south east of Chico, maybe bad est or just where the "Chico" area "is" according to VisualRoute)

source = .\data\geo.vdb:pacbell.net.txt

type = authoritative

place-key = chico-ca

geo-key = 95926 -> .\data\geo.vdb

Good luck............ :\

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Guest Anonymous

contace the office and tell them the situation and that you'd like their help locating this user, if not you will call the police and have them show up at the SBC office. . . they will be very helpful, i bet.

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