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Guest Anonymous

The suspension on my tii was SOFT.

On the drive to the last 02Fest, my wife felt I was too close to a neighboring truck and told me to scoot our car over. I told her I was, and we had to wait for the suspension to unload and send us back. That soft.

I figured if I was going to drive her more often, I would have to stiffen up the ride somewhat. I just got a set of Bilsteins and replaced the rears last night.

Oh my Gawd! What a difference. The rear feels very solid now and the ride height even leveled out! I am going to borrow a spring compressor and get the fronts done this weekend(I hope).

Steve J

72 tii Verona

88 M3 Hennarot

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Guest Anonymous

Hey Bro,

I did this a little while ago!!

I must tell you some tips and ideas though:

1. Change out the upper strut bearings WHILE you are doing the fronts. (unless they are already new)

2. If you can afford it, and have the time to do so...

Change ALL bushings, mounts, tie-rods, ball joints, bolts, etc, etc...

You'll be totally, completely, amazed out how it rides and handles then.

If your really into it, do the sway bar bushings too.


PS: if all else fails, just install the shocks, better then nothing my friend...... Have fun and be safe....

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Guest Anonymous

I got some choice strut bearings last night. Still pliable, very concave, and the rubber seal is still intact on the bearing. And as I write this my buddy just dropped off the spring compressor.

All suspension rubber WILL be replaced, but this seems to be the trend on my M3 also. I'm slowly collecting parts for that job. But now I also have to do the 90k major service(timing belt)on the wifes A4(not an 02).

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