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any web developers?

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Guest Anonymous

i have a java based menu system that works great for me in IE (its a bit crude, but its functional and after the site is done there wont be much further updating - so as long as it looks ok, it is OK. . .even if its a little cumbersome)

i need the menu system to work with moz, right now there are some problems, and i'm pretty sure i just deleted some parameters or whatever . . . its a cut-and-paste script, sorta, and the base menu system i was working from did work in mozilla. . .

if someone could take a look at this system and maybe point out some errors i'd be stoked, it's a site i'm doing for my friend's CS as a favor kind of thing and i'd really like it to be cross browser, even though most of the 02 community seems to use I.E. . .

if anyone thinks they can help i'll post a link to the .js and the html page. . . thanks guys!

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