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good streetable performance compression??

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regular gas.

these are my thoughts. It depends on time, money and knowledge.

9:1 with stock head

9.5:1 with stock head and some retarded timing - you will start to ping under certain circumstances. To get full power you will need to run premium and advanced timing

10:1 stock head with premium



11:1 with stock head and premium is about the limit. After this you need to research racing fuel to be practical. Most cars I know running 12:1 run race fuel brew.

Many prepared cars run 10:1 on stock fuel with combustion chamber re-working.

Probably 11:1 is the uppermost for a 2002 with a lot of head re-modification.

Remember newer cars running 10 and 11 to 1 have sofistication engine managment systems which monitor a/f ration and listen for signs of pinging and retard timing if it is present. 2002s dont have this advantage.

Although it is for a turbo car the idea is the same. Have a look at pauls site.

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