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73tii (Square light) backfires when decelerating...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Only happened a few times when in 2nd gear and taking my foot off the accelerator (or maybe when downshifting, I can't remember) while going downhill. Any clues? Could it be from a lean fuel mixture? Ideas are appreciated.



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Guest Anonymous

In order of what I would check.

1) Exhaust leak: check from ex. manifold to the tail pipe(look for black sooty marks at every joint/tube).

2) Backfires usually also occuring w/#1 is over rich condition.

3) Timing too far retarded (don't mess with it unless your sure of how to, timing is important to alot of motor areas/life)

If it's only at idle speeds it may be your idle mixture screw is out too far and making it run rich along with a muffler leak etc.

There are prob. more, but this is a quick easy way to get started.

Best of luck with it,


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