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whirring/rubbing sound from driveshaft? Help...

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


So I have this sound that's been going on for a

while, it's coming from the transmission or

driveshaft, it's speed related and happens as long

as the driveshaft is spinning. I thought it was the

shift linkage rubbing on the driveshaft because I

could see marks where it looked like the linkage

was touching. This morning I crawled under there

and managed to tighten the shifter mount a bit

which I think gave me some more clearance.

But I still have the sound, what else could it be I

know there are some bearing down there too, I

even remember the day when the noise started all,

and I think it has gotten louder recently.

If anyone has any ideas what it may be and how I

can check more specifically I would love to know.

Thanks a lot.


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