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EFI Options, advice needed!

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://www.injectionperfection.com/html/default_four_cylinder_price.html

Have been debating the 40/40 vs. EFI conversion for many months (all in theory due to broke-ness, but that may not be as much of an issue soon).

I'm now thinking EFI soon, but as my budget is extremely limited I would like to try and do it as economically as possible (without cutting corners!).

I know that the most cost effective way to go would probably be the E30 318i set-up, using components that I could try and get from wreckers etc... However, I have found a local company here in Sydney which advertises EFI conversions. Although the details on their site are limited, they seem to offer a 4 barrel option which will mount to a DCOE manifold. I'm thinking that I could get some components from them (such as the throttle bodies and ECU) and salvage or source others such as fuel pump, manifold, fuel filter, etc. And - of course - do all the installation myself.

Anyone have experience with this kind of injection set-up? I am (maybe) hoping to (eventually) include a turbo (I wish).

Thanks in advance for any advice, sorry for the rambling!


P.S. Link to price/parts list above... Note Australian Dollars, and also note that they can't add particularly well.

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Guest Anonymous

cheap to build yourself, if you're handy. I use a tii manifold

mixed with a 320i from 1977 with Pico injectors from Magnetti

Marrelli. I nicked them of an old lancia. Hardly any

machining, can handle turbo later (I'm rebuilding my junkyard

turbo now) and is programmable, the 318i conversion is and

will always be less then 100% accurate, because the

engines differ slightly.

Good luck,


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Guest Anonymous

I am currently scrounging together parts for a efi/turbo conversion. I assume you are Australian so some of this stuff maybe common for you. I am contemplating using the GM Delco ecu with kalmaker system. The advantage about the kalmaker system is that once you have the calibration right it can be burned onto a Memcal and the Kalmaker can be used to tune another system.

I picked up an Delco 12227808 ecu and wiring harness from a JE Camira today for $50 and use Bosch VL Commodore Turbo external efi pump (with an e21 318i in-tank pump) which apparently is good for 250rwhp. I am hoping to do away with the distributor and use a waste spark ignition set up.

I have a 1978 320i inlet manifold and I'll either use it as it is or just use the stub manifold and build a custom plenum.

I have also picked up a GT25 ball bearing turbo and lined up a engineer to fabricate a turbo manifold.

It's getting there slowly



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Guest Anonymous

I've been thinking about aftermarket efi as well I think i have some links at home for conversion parts etc. also 48mm throttle bodies are very large unless you have a worked engine.

Where abouts in sydney are you, I'm located at Leichhardt, but currently building my car on the central coast.

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