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replacing front shell

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

my 69 took a big hit to the front which damaged the front subframe and the inner fender - i have a parts car that is relatively clean and straight - i had originally decided to find a new shell and swap out the drivetrain - but am now considering a major fabjob - anyone out there that has experience here?



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Guest Anonymous

we did it on Bacchus 2, it took an experienced

bodyman 16 hours to cut the donor and the

damaged piece and paste the donor to the car.

This guy in my opinion works at 300% efficiency.

Perseverance and patience do pay when doing

these type of projects. If you have access to air, an

impact and a small angle grinder it would make it

a lot easier/faster.

It is not difficult and it could be a lot of fun. Just

make sure you map the good car with

measurements, up, down and across. Also make

sure that the position of your strut towers is within

.25 of an inch of the good car (new cars we try to

be half of that).

If you already know how to weld, make yourself a

tram bar, a bar with two pointers that can be

adjusted to transfer measurements or check

across for squareness

Good luck


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Guest Anonymous

I am an ex wrench with limited patience for body work

(painting is another story) and I have to say that I have

nothing but admiration for good body men/women. I have

been around the body business as a vendor and salvage

parts guy, and I always walk away amazed!!!

You are the guys keeping these ledgends alive!

Cheers to you!

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