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THE 02 GROUP Cookout "Der Weinerfest"..YOU'RE INVI

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

JUNE 22nd starting at 1:00

FREE event

First annual "Der Weinerfest" weeny roast and

2002 get together. THE 02 GROUP (NC based

2002 owners group) is hosting the event and

would like to invite area 2002 owners (VA, SC, etc.)

to our club shindig.

Festivities include a swap meet (bring stuff to sell

and trade) , tech sessions, and GOOD!!! door



CONNECTIONS. Proceeds from the door prize

tickets will go toward our web site which is coming


Bring your own beverages and chairs.

Directions - go to www.mapquest and enter 6520

Doral Dr., Tobaccoville, NC 27050. Look for signs

at event site.

Trailered cars such as race cars and 'trailer

queens' are invited. Please do not bring trailered

cars to sell as space may be limited.

Please RSVP so we know how many weenies to

expect, er I mean throw on the grill.

see ya there,

Scott Sturdy


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Guest Anonymous

Or to semi-quote my favorite movie...

506 miles to NC, full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses...

Hit IT!

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Guest Anonymous

We would be MORE then glad to have you down here in the SOUTH!! just leave the bagels up there!! :P

Lyle feeding Neil grits till he turns blue in the face..........

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Guest Anonymous

As for the surf rod, just tie one end to the front bumper, and bend that sucker over the roof and tie the other end to the rear bumper! Then tether it in the middle with some rope.

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Guest Anonymous

I will be doing a demo of some kind and MAYBE choping up a car as a demo. Depending on weather and what I can talk andy into.

Parts teasers

NICE tan SEATS!!!!


Rebuilt heads


MINI LIGHTS WITH AVS intermeedates.



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Guest Anonymous

Yeah come on up or down it's at my house! My wife won't be home! If it quits raining in the near distant future and the yard drys up there will be plenty of space! Heck enough people show up and I will cut a road to the field behind the house hehe!

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