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Tuning and timing questions

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Guest Anonymous

In preparation for this weekend's gathering at Hot Springs, Arkansas, (and just because it needed to be done) I did some tuning etc. On a side note my carburettor had been whistling uncontrollably so I finally broke down and loaded it up with gasket sealant. Good or bad, I don't know, but the little sh*thead FINALLY stopped whistling. Anyways, new NGK plugs gapped to .024 in. That's what Haynes said, I probably should have checked here first. New dizz cap. New fuel filter. My car still runs crappy. I suck at tuning my weber and timing the car. I don't have a timing light, but am getting one soon. My tach is also AWOL at the moment, so that makes it a little more complicated. It misses and bumps when I'm at steady rpm's. It's not so bad when under load, but it's still there. It also putt putt backfires on decel, especially after racking it out a little. The response is also sluggish. When I hammer the pedal down, it feels more boggy than rippy, if that makes sense. Any advice is great. Thanks.


76 02 inka

p.s. I have a pertronix also.

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