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Response to DCOE float info down lower:

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Somebody said:

>"float settings are baseline and actually differs from application to application. if you start the car and you fuel overflowing thru your weep hole on the front or on the barrels, then you need to adjust them, other than that i would just leave it alone as they set it right from the factory."

They differ from application to application, but more importantly, they differ from DCOE type to DCOE type. Float settings are used to fine tune (although no one ever messes with 'em, and probably for good reason) issues of progression, where/when on the rpm curve the mains come in - which is effectively also governed by the e-tubes (so, float settings are a way of fine-tuning emulsion tube fuel/air curves). Remember, like everything else on a DCOE and most other adjustable carburetors, everything is related to everything else...

Anyway. The different type number DCOEs - 2, 8, 14, and so on - are related to progression hole spacing in the throttle bores; it roughly applies to which application (Alfa, Fiat, what have you) the carburetor was originally developed and jetted for (ever wonder why factory-installed DCOEs are GREAT running on stock engines - when the engines and carbs are healthy? 'Cause they're almost totally optimized to *exactly* where they need to be.) The float settings are specified based on carburetor type, and although there *are* different float settings for different applications, that assumes you're using the other "set" values in the Weber tuning charts - stock engines, a set jetting package, venturi size, etc.

Here's this. Float settings based on type, measured to the bottom of the float, *not* the seam. And unfortunately, the manual I've got is old enough that it just applies to brass floats:

40DCOE, series 2, 4, 18, 22/23, 24, 27, 28, 31,32 - up: 8.5, droop: 15.

40DCOE series 29/30: 5.0, 11.5.

40DCOE series 44/45 - 7.0, 14.

40DCOE series 72/73, 76/77, 80/81 - 7.5, 14.

42 DCOE series 8: 5.0, 13.5.

45DCOE series 14, 14/18, 17 - 8.5, 15.

45DCOE series series 9 - 5.0, 13.5.

45DCOE series 72/73, 76/77, 80/81 - 7.5, 14.

45DCOE series 38/39, 62/63, 68/69 - 5.0, 14.

Stolen directly outta the Weber factory book. Fashizzle.

Hope it helps...



P.S. Don't trust Pat Braden.

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Guest Anonymous

Unfortunately, no. Possibly a later application than

this book - it dates from the late sixties. I'll see

what else I can dig up and post if I find anything.

I *do* remember seeing 138/9s on an

early-seventies 2L euro Alfa GTV w/32mm vents

that came into the shop in StL at one point,

however, and the car had never had new

carburetors (owner verified). I know that's not much

to work with, though...


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Guest Anonymous

That's interesting...that matches with what I know about the

carbs at least. I bought them in South Africa and they

supposedly came off a 2L alfa. They have 32mm venturis, and

some odd-sized jets. I'm guessing they were an OEM thing

that's not available anywhere else.


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