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Gasoline Smell

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous


I'm a newbie lucky enough to have finally found a great 74 granatrot tii, and I'm starting to work out its various gremlins.

First on the list is figuring out why the passenger compartment frequently smells like gasoline both (i) after sitting for a few hours, and (ii) while driving, particularly with the window open.

Is this a known 2002 issue? If so, any wisdom on the subject would be very welcome ...


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Guest Anonymous

Is the smell coming from the trunk, the cabin, or the engine compartment?

Could be:

1. Gas tank welded seam (that's the one you don't want it to be).

2. Rubber filler neck cracked (it'e 30 years old).

3. Sender unit and fuel pickup unit seals on tank top.

4. Fuel lines. The cloth covered ones go bad from the inside out, may look okay from the outside but cracks can hide under the cloth covering.

5. Vapor recovery lines.

6. Cracked vapor recovery canister.

7. Fuel return line.

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Guest Anonymous

the trunk (tank rests on a lip in the trunk floor, so the seam is actually inside the car) and look for damp spots. Then crawl under the car and look for dribbles and/or damp spots. The best way is to wait 'till the tank is nearly empty and remove it.

Before replacing, clean the old foam seal off the lip, fix any rust you find and replace with closed cell foam weatherstripping tape (hardware store). Make SURE it's closed cell foam; otherwise it'll act like a sponge (like the OEM stuff) and cause more rust.



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