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gas geyser..... what the....?

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

So i finally got the carbs (40 dcoe, old style) back on the car after rebuilding them and a strange problem occured. I turned the car on to fill the float bowls (electric pupm) and streams of gas come out of my velocity stacks. With a mirror i was able to look into the throats of the carbs and saw gas dripping out of the aux. venturis. By this time I had been working on the damn thing for a few hours and decided to give it a rest. Later on i came back and the same thing happened. I poped the tops off the carbs and the gas level seems ok (maybe an inch or so below the mounting face (where the top cover bolts). fuel pressure is about 2.5-3 psi, float level is correct. After screwing with it for an hour or so it stopped and will not repeat itself! So what gives has anyone else seen this problem?, its not a big deal as its not happening anymore but id sure like to know what the hell that was all about! thanks all


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Guest Anonymous

Stuck needle/seat or grose jet, bowls filled too

much and overflowed, then the pump didn't shut

off, and since gaskets were new and mating

surfaces decent (I'm assuming) the fuel came out

the path of least resistance = the main circuit

(dumps into the "crossbar"-looking thing in the aux

vent). Grose jet or needle/seat (whatever you're

using) came unstuck after some


and boom, problem solved.

Could be wrong, but just a guess.

Seen it before.

Even on new parts.

But like I said, hell, it's a guess.


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