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need some 32/36 help from those who've fought it

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I rebuilt the carb last week, drove it out to Britt's

to install it...it's still there.

The rebuild was straightforward; I replaced the kit

pieces and made sure all was well. After we got it all

bolted up, it hardly started at all. To be expected

from base settings. After making all the base

adjustments, it won't idle long enough to diagnose the

problem. As soon as we get it started (only ether will

start it btw), the temp gauge climbs up to too hot in

about 2-3 minutes. It has plenty of fuel in the bottom

of the manifold. All the plumbing is correct and there

are no big intake holes left unplugged.


'71 1600. Are there any timing adjustmets by chance?

The fuel pressure is regulated at 3lbs.

I know it's impossible to diagnose carb problems via

the www but any help will get me driving.


Brent Miler

'71 1600

'86 5

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Guest Anonymous

I would check the fuel level in the float bowl (should be 17-19 mm below the upper edge). Also, it sounds like you are running too lean if it heats up that fast. You might first take out the idle jet (the one near the idle adjustment screw) and make sure that a piece of crud hasn't blocked its very tiny orifice which is thus causing you to have not enough fuel to sustain the idle. It is such a small hole it doesn't take much to clog it.


'67 1600, all stock.

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Guest Anonymous

These are the pieces that go over the carb throats-- gas flows from the main jets through these things and is sprayed into the carb throats. And it's possible to install 'em backwards (ask me how I know!) since they'll fit fine either way. If you did it for both barrels, you'll hardly get any gas to the engine except via the accelerator pump. Check the "bridges"--the hole in the side that fits into the carb body should face the float chamber...



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