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Once more have to say that....(rambling lots more

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I have been looking and educating myself on this board/books/

amazing individuals willing to give me their time on what is

appropriate in buying a BMW 02 (a design standard that I've been

in love with for 5yrs) in the correct model,year,engine,suspension,

upgrades and what not for a SoCal daily driver car, that every

post, every piece of knowledge, (not that every shred of

knowledge has sunken in yet, but the willingness to share) is

amazing!!! I have a car in mind, one that has been presented to

me with the suspension, frame reenforcement, and engine mods

that I believe everyone would really appreciate. It is a 76 and

getting around smog in CA is possible if your willing to pay and

work at finding the right shop. OH GOODNESS!!! I shouldn't be

telling, or letting this out of the bag...!!!(yeah right, like people

don't know)) But it is the truth. The passion for an automobile,

for a vehicle that allows individual wonderlust in such an amazing

beauty and redefining adjustment in car design, human

interaction design is astounding. Again, from a NEWBEE (buzz

with the HP of these beautiful automobiles) Thanks!!! I truly sit

and wonder at times, reading, looking at all of your pictures, how

amazing the culture, may be the highest form of art and culture in

our society has translated to all of us, knowing each other or not,

reaching out and finding this common appreciation. Don't kid

yourself, it isn't that common, that people find the common

understanding and love of life!!! It is a beautiful "material" object

that makes us SMILE!!!! Bitterness, loss of faith, doesn't hold a

signal ounce to this common liking, love and drive that a single

design makes us share with each other, here!!! And when I get a

car, OooOOOOOOOHHHHhhh, don't doubt I'll be posting, I'll have

a website, and I'll be painting amazing canvases for anyone that

want one, transcribing, envoking the love of these cars!!!

(Besides, from what I have read we all really like BEER!!!!)

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Guest Anonymous

you may have a pretty good business from the die-hard 2002 enthusuasts. I have seen some great car art in shops and at races, but I have never seen a 2002 as a subject. Probably because, as a group, 02-ers spend precious dollars on cars, not portraits of the cars. BUT,at some point, i think it would be cool to have a painting of my 02s ( after I spend the bucks to paint my Sahara!). Looking forward to seeing some of your car art stuff on the web. Good luck in your 02 search- there are plenty of nice ones to choose from in California.///

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Guest Anonymous

I've always been a fine artist, but have recently realized that my

passion for car is something I should have been channeling. The

o2 art would not be portraits, but nice vignette of the design and

presence the design gives. Thanks for the encouraging words.

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Guest Anonymous

others usually have other terms--a polite one my wife uses is "it's a sickness!." But we have our fun anyway

Cheers & welcome


02 owner (same car) for 34 years

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