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Site update - fuel tank restoration and snorkel removal.

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://www.instantop.com/cyclepages/kreem.htm

Don't mean to sound like a "Nervous Nelly", but JB

WELD!!! Man, we're talking your life here. The 02

fuel tank is already suspect and in more than one

occasion people have been seriously burned and

killed by rear end accidents. In these cases, the 02

tank will split in half and spew fuel all over the

trunk, then ignite. Since there is a poor seal

between the trunk and cabin the resultant

explosion of flame and fuel vapor can and will

enter the cabin.

You do really great work and have a beautiful son.

Think twice about that fuel tank.

Lastly, if you MUST use that tank, there is a product

called "Kreem" that you can use to line your fuel

tank. It basically makes a flexible bag inside your

tank. I used it in many vintage British motorcycle

fuel tanks with excellent results. It's popular

amongst the vintage bike crowd and is an

elastomer coating, so it resists cracking and

tearing on impact. I believe there are a few

products out there now so do a little search. Kreem

always worked for me and I have never tried any

other product, so as to how the others work, I

cannot vouch.

Please don't take offense. I'm not dismissing the

great work you did. It's just that I was seriously

burned over 30% of my body when I was a kid

(mostly 3rd degree burns... tons of surgery and

skin grafts!). It was a fuel tank related fire, so since

then I have taken every precaution when dealing

with fuel and fuel tanks.

Give Kreem a try or get a new tank.



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Guest Anonymous


URL: http://www.2002tii-restoration.com

I always try to keep an open mind. Thank you for sharing your experience and your knowledge. I will look into Kreem.

As far as the JB weld goes, it was only used to rebuild the flange. I did not have to touch the original factory seam weld. Asuming that the seam weld is still sound, and I believe that it is, the tank is no more likely to split than when it was new.

Your points are well taken. Thanks.



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Guest Anonymous

an acid to etch the rust out before application.

Good stuff.

Once again, great work Martin. Your 02 is gonna be

beautiful when your done.



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