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Guest Anonymous

I've begun formatting all the vital info and qualities of the new Maximillian on-line 2002 catalog.

here's what I've gotten down so far:

all parts and illustrations arranged by factory BMW main groups (11=engine, 33=rear suspension, etc...)

over 140 illustrations, dozens of photos for the tricky stuff, and over 1500 02 specific part numbers

tech tips next to illustrations pertaining to a specific aspect or job affected by the parts shown

indexed tech tip library

cross referenced index of parts with many many different names of any given part - so if you call a thrust arm a control arm, a front trailing arm, an arm attached to a brake reaction or radius rod, or a ball joint arm....you'll still find it easily!

Listings of genuine BMW prices along with OEM versions, and a few aftermarket (non OEM) versions.

Listings of Weber, Bilstein, Boge, Bosch, Mahle, Schrick, and Sachs parts.

catalog of shop materials, commonly needed stuff:


electrical tape (real BMW!)

hand cleaner (real BMW!)

latex gloves

wheel paint

engine clear laquer

fuel hose, per meter

electrical connectors

Redline and Ate performance solvents/lubes


I'd love to have input from YOU to make it as user friendly as possible. I'm sure that I take alot of this stuff for granted, and some parts are confusing for those of you NOT immersed in part numberville all day long, so let's hear it!




I want this catalog to be 100% pure hardcore sweaty palmed, find everything you ever wanted EVER 2002 parts BLISS!!!!!

You can help!

Thanks !


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Guest Anonymous

Turn ons:

fresh oil

double clutching

tight twisty roads


Turn Offs:

SAE fasteners

Kia Mechanics

Ansa Exhausts

87 Octane

Favorite food:

Daewoos and K cars

Favorite Movie:


If you could be any car?

Ferrari Dino

So what do you think? Bathroom material???

I know in MY hopuse at least - I have to hide car and tool catalogs as if they were PORN!!!


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Guest Anonymous

Parts shopping list for common jobs? to be sure you order ALL the parts you need. That was YOUR forte at MAx, Paul.

List of BMW & special tools(SIR & Baum)

And maybe a few eyecandy shots here and there.

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Guest Anonymous

Very VERY cool Paul!

A performance section would be nice. Maybe a few examples of some popular upgrades like carbs, cams, ign. suspension etc. (could have a small bit at the end of each section where applicable, like in the engine section...

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Guest Anonymous

As long as I can do it in a manner that doesn't make us sound like pushy salesguy slime - I'm all for the "while you're there" suggestions, of course!

"Doin' the water pump? check hoses, or a consider a new fan if the old one is chipped! Chipped fans can DISINTEGRATE and hurl CHUNKS of sharp plastic into flesh!"

yeah...I'll definitely work on some links, or routing of associated parts for any given job.


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Guest Anonymous

...but what makes Max great is the availability of weird esoteric stuff. The idea of fasteners and other stuff that typical parts houses say "whut? dat's not on my list of 10 most ordered parts" when inquired about is brilliant. Packages for certain jobs are also valuable (ie, fasteners, seals, lubes and other trinkets that should but don't necessarily accompany the main part you're replacing).

However--what would be absolutely INVALUABLE are tech tips accompanying those packages...like don't twist the hoozit counterclockwise after inserting the whatsit at the 3 o'clock position...and that was the value-added that Maximillian brought to both their net and phone sales.

Just my 02 cents for now...


'76 2002

'03 Golf

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Guest Anonymous

It is a MAJOR pain to order parts, get started on the job, and find out you need that left handed gasket! Car down for ANOTHER week, and SO not happy about loosing you for ANOTHER weekend.

Hell Paul, we're gonna get you a spot on Dr Phil!

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Guest Anonymous

I know this would be a lot of work, but parts for common swaps, with notes, would be KILLER. For example, brake hubs that fit on a standard 2002 strut, brake hubs that fit on TII strut, various rotors that fit on either, calipers that can be exchanged, MC variants, list of parts for 5-speed conversion, differential swap parts (CV joint combos, etc.).

Just a thought.


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Guest Anonymous

PHEW seriously...that would be fantastic...

and also a 'suggestion project' or something for instance if your already doing xyz, you mines as well do h and j while you have most of it ripped apart.

also something to show you the status of your order, and an email when it's been sent w/the tracking number on it.

for shipping getting maximillion boxes would be good, in small, medium, etc. sizes to help keep down shipping costs.

make SURE on your end you have the database set up so that changes are easier on your end...a bit more planning into this will really make things a TON easier in the long run...

i'd look at some of the better on-line catalog's out there and try to model what they do (to some respect)

good luck!


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Guest Anonymous

Geez Looooeeeeze....Matt and Jim still got the magic....don't worry Guys!

Hey Tim - after this weekend - you and I can have our 02 sunroof party - OK? I have way too many things to do this weekend tho. :-(


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