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Dellorto part 2 or The 02 Dellorto Carbaratori Club

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

If there are any folks running DHLA's and want to get involved in a parts swap, lemme know.

I've got several 40 DHLA's w/varing jets etc avail for trade, however most but not all of my stuff is on the smaller size.

I'm just thinking that we may be able to save each other some $ and running around in circles.

Thanks for your time,


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Guest Anonymous

I run a 300 bmw cam and 9.5:1 compression and stock exhaust manifold :(

i use:

main 135

air correc 180

idle 58

pump jet 35

idle air correc(fixed) 200

e-tube was a .11 but was midified to .6 specs wich i recomend for the setup i have. it´s easier to start with a .6 tube.

I have the drawings of all the dellortos tubes a guy passed them to me. They are real good quality drawings... email me if want a copy of them , real useful info.

i tried also the 148 mains but too rich, the 130 is not rich enough in top end power, i should try smaller air correc with 130´s to see what happens...i have no other air correcs to toy with :(

the 58 idle works well in combination with the idle air correc´s.

My carbs came one from a alfa 2.0 and the other from a 1.6

I machined them venturis(32 and 30) to 34mm

i got some jets from some dellortos DRLA(vertical) mains, idle and air correc are the same and interchangeable.

i still am to install a 02 sensor to help a little more tuning but i feel it is pretty close now.

Beware that you can tune your pump jet total squirt by adjust the small nut near the diafragm, in dellorto book by Des Hammil he doesn´t refer to this.

i reduced the squirt maintaining the pump jets and i have almost no hesitation when cold and good response when warm running.

i got better mileages in town too!

I passed from 16.7 mpg to 19.6mpg!

Cold start is bit more trouble now but it usually starts in the morning at second crank and 1 minute later can start driving well.

i would like to try bigger venturis but i think i will try that when i get 45´s and a header.

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Guest Anonymous

also have to say that with the change in the pump circuit the car is better at small openings and accelerates better throw the gears when drinving at low revs/small trottle openings.

remenber, the italian folks used some kinky e-tubes with A-LOT of holes in them, so they had to use BIG mains and BIG idle jet because of fixed size of idle air correc( DHLA-H)

SO... i recomend you to look at your e-tubes closely and chose to use a .6 tube for real i tried a lot of mods in the tubes, tapping holes and drilling holes, and .6 is the way to go.


74 2002

w/ cracked subframe( too much torque ;)

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