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brake booster questions

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I've just finished bringing a '76 2002 that had been sitting for 10

years back to life and have everything running nicely, except for a

strange problem with the brake

booster. With the booster connected to vaccum, the brakes won't

fully release after they're pressed. You can easily pull the pedal

out with your toe, but even after adding a second return spring to

the peadal, it won't return all the way on its own, causing the

brakes to remain partially on and drag. I rebuilt the pedal box,

which had no effect, and then realized that the problem only

existed with the car running and vaccum in the booster.

In order to drive the car, I

disconnected the booster and am just running manual brakes

right now. My limited understanding of the brake booster leads

me to believe that after the pedal is released, vaccum is not being

re-established in the rear chamber of the booster, so equilibrium

doesen't exist between the front and rear chamber. My question

is, is there a way to fix this, or do I just need to replace the

booster? Am I overlooking something simple? I'm fine driving it

unassisted for now, but it will eventually be my brother's car and

I'd like to have it working for him. Any ideas or suggestions

would be appreciated,

- Dave

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Guest Anonymous

ordinary vacuum or heater hose will collapse...and you did lubricate the linkage between the M/C and the pedal--the part that's in the engine compartment.


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Guest Anonymous

... and the hose and check valve are from a known-good 320i that

I stripped for parts after I got rear-ended. I think the problem is

within the booster, so I'm probably just going to replace it, but I

thought maybe there's some way to fix it, since it works as far as

assisting the brakes; it just won't release all the way.



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