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about restoring a set of wheels. . ..

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

i bought a 74tii that came with a set of panasports that are in OK condition. . . a few flaws in the paint.

whats the best method to go about stripping and re-painting these wheels? a silver powder coat?


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Guest Anonymous

i had a set of Momo basketweaves bead blasted and powder coated silver and they came out pretty well. Certainly better than what i can do by hand ( i did a set of BBS basketweaves with o.k. results). Panasports should come out really well: they dont have a lot of little spaces and crannies to deal with. cost to me in northern cali was 125 per wheel including mount/balance of new rubber. ///

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Guest Anonymous

URL: http://forums.mye28.com/e28/messages/35015.html

Also, I just went back and forth about powder

coating my M5s wheels. Powder coat is a great

finish, but it's nearly impossible to remove and it

must be done right the first time to avoid an uneven

finish. If you ever want to refinish the wheels again

you'll have to have them chemically stripped as

bead blasting will be futile.

Also, in my case I had to match to the factory silver

plastic center caps. After going through at least 20

paint chips I could only find a close

approximation... not good enough.

Lastly, with powder coat it's difficult to touch up

curb rash due to the difficulty of finding a good

paint match. I was told that there is one company

that makes a rattle can touch up paint for their

powder coat, but there color range is very narrow.

I am a huge fan of powdercoat for anything else,

but wheels are prone to rash and chips. But, if you

are looking for quick and easy, powder coat is the

way to.

Check out the link to see results of the $50. per

wheel job. I think it's unparalleled. I wish I would

have known about this guy two weeks ago.


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Guest Anonymous

Sand blast them to start. You can get a sand blast kit fairly inexpensive I saw one last week around 20.00 for the gun and I think the silica sand starts at 20 a bag and I think you can get different grits. You can make a box with a door and tempered glass so you won't loose sand and the sand will drop to the bottom of the box and gun will pick it back up. You can get the heavy duty rubber gloves and install those in front of the box. going this route will save you some cash in the long run if you plan on doing alot of restoring and cleaning of parts.

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