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WOW, just fired up the '02

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

Man I forgot how much fun this car really is! I just got home

from college and decided to see what kind of shape the 02

was in, went into the barn, took off the tarp with about an inch

of bird shit and there she was, just like I left it almost 2 years

ago. Put the charger on it for about half an hour and it fired

right up. Spent 5 minutes manuevering to get it out of the bay

that it was in and then I was tearing up and down the road in

from of my house. I've been driving an 83' 320, and man the

02 feels about ten times faster and so much more fun. I can't

describe how much more nimble and fun this car is. I'll have

to rinse it off and put it back away for a while now. I just took

and a job in Texas, so the 320 and I will be making a 1600

mile trek from upstate NY at the end of June. Then I will

immediately begin looking for a new car with AC. (New car,

or slightly older bmw, that is the question. . . ) Hopefully once

I settle in I can find a place with a garage and get some sort

of project going. Sorry for the short ramble, I'm still a little

giddy from that short blast in the 02.


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Guest Anonymous

Just curious as to what it is! Stock or sleeper?

Glad to hear you are driving it, why don't you take the 02 down there?

Good luck,


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Guest Anonymous

I'm working for Motiva Enterprises, a Shell Oil subsidiary at

their Port Arthur refinery. I'll probably live in Beaumont, as I

hear Port Arthur is a little run down these days. My degree is

in mechanical engineering so I'll be working in their reliability

and maintenance department. Glad to hear there's some

active 02ers down there, can't wait to meet some of ya'll.


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Guest Anonymous

It's pretty stock, with only some suspension upgrades. I

would bring it, but it needs some paint and a new nose, and it

still has the factory 4 speed in it. The 320 really is more

comfortable on the highway.


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